LIFE Culture

LIFE Culture

At LIFE, we believe that every child has a unique light, a core inner genius, to share with the world. As parents, caretakers, and educators, it’s our job to support, cultivate and channel that light.

We also believe that every person is placed on this planet for a reason. Discovering that purpose allows our unique light to shine even brighter. Throughout childhood and adolescence, strong social emotional connections and healthy growth experiences give us the confidence to try hard, take calculated risks, and step into the world to make our mark, shining our unique light from a strong foundation.

So, what does ‘LIFE’ actually stand for?


We are all leaders. Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether we are 2 years old or 20, there is someone leading and someone following in every interaction. Whether we aim to lead a group of 2 or 2000, our worldview and life experiences greatly impact our willingness and ability to step into our light and shine brightly as we radiate our gifts to the world.

Leadership is a skill, which means it can be learned and taught.

It becomes an art form as we infuse the skills we learn with our own unique gifts, talents, and light.

Leadership is much more than a speech to a crowd. Great leaders are also great team players, always open to feedback, and committed to lifelong learning. Leadership is the example of our daily life.


Innovation is the key to survival. But we don’t want to simply survive; we want our children, families, and communities to thrive. It is our own personal responsibility to ask ourselves:

  • How can I become better?
  • How can we improve?
  • Am I pleased, proud, and satisfied with my efforts?
  • What is needed around me, and how can I contribute to growth?

Innovation is the opposite of stagnation. Cultivating an innovation and growth mindset will serve us everywhere, in our personal lives, our professional ambitions, our health, and our relationships.


True freedom isn’t free. It’s actually quite costly.

Whether our goal is financial freedom, national and economic freedom, or freedom of thought, time and choice.

The current state of our Union is certainly not any one person’s fault; not even one administration or one party’s fault, and there is most definitely corruption and disgust on both sides of the political fence. There is manipulation so deep that we can’t even find the original source anymore. But we have nothing to gain from blame.

Simply stated: it’s no one’s fault, but it’s everyone’s problem.